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March 7, 2012

A number of people have enquired whether we made it back safely and/or how the journey went, so I have been tempted out of ‘retirement’ in order to respond. Or could it be that blogging is now in my blood? What a thought!

Well as you can gather we are back and arrived relatively unscathed to find house and dog in good shape last Thursday. The drive back from Crete was somewhat tedious, a little frightening at times in Italy (given the poor quality of driving) but otherwise uneventful. We clocked up over 7,000 miles since we left home at the start of November and door to door, the journey back was more or less exactly 2,000 miles. The car behaved beautifully with nothing more than a one blown brake light bulb to mar an otherwise flawless Skoda reliability performance.

In addition to two nights on Greek ferries we stayed one night in Italy and two nights in France en route for the UK. Our thanks go to Kathy & David in Rochester, Richard & Jilly in Horsham (again), Liz T in Marlborough and Liz B in the Lakes for accommodation and TLC on the way home. Thanks also go to Derek for entertainment in Horsham and yes – you are very welcome to visit us in Kirkcudbright any time but hopefully we will be back in Greece by the time you arrive! 

So it’s now back to the old routines here in Galloway but on the positive side, we have started at a conversational Greek class here in Kirkcudbright to continue our studies; are making plans to return to Crete in May/June for a holiday in the sun and thinking about a repeat visit next winter for a longer period. This time however, we would take the dog but that presents a number of difficulties. Is there anyone out there who has flown with a pet? If so, how did it go?

The summer trip is timed to avoid the nonsense over the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. We returned to find that the good citizens of Kirkcudbright are planning a street party right outside our house to ‘celebrate’ (????) the event. This was too much for us republicans to take. Would we be arrested (or stoned) if we had hung anti-monarchist slogans in our front window and is it really only fifteen years since the New Labour PR machine ‘rescued’ the monarchy from the trough of unpopularity following the death of Princess Di? All water under the bridge so to speak, but we don’t want any part of it. We’ll be lying in the sun, so good luck to the street revellers!

Our friends in Crete have sent us some pictures which they took during our stay, so I’ll end with a few of these. Thanks again for reading the blog and we look forward to catching up with friends and family in the near future.





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  1. Mairi Marlborough permalink

    Glad you are back and sorry you will be out of the country for my Jubilee celebrations which I was planning to have early in line with the Queen – you party poopers you – will serve you right if the Greeks choose to lay on a wee celeb of their own for Phil the Greek and Liz! Mairi x

  2. Gillie Hagger permalink

    Wonderful to hear you’re back safely 🙂 and good luck with the travel plans. Gillie x

  3. Derek Gibson permalink

    Wow, I had to wait until the very last edition, but it was worth all the pain, I actually got a mention!

    Love it and so I had to write a comment for you. No so sure however about your remarks on the big event of the year – no, not the Olympics – the Diamond Jubilee celebrations! With that attitude the sooner we rebuild Hadrians Wall and leave you Scots to the wiles of President Salmond the better.

    Just one other question John, why have you got a bow in your hair in the next to last photo?


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