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A literary demise

February 19, 2012


Bad news, folks! We’re being closed down.

Some of the more knowledgable among you, may have heard of the body which regulates the French language, L’Académie française. Well it seems that there is a similar, yet somewhat more clandestine organisation operating in the UK which, to use a Minoan connotation (after all, we are in Crete), operates as a linguistic lustral basin to ensure the ritual purity of the English language!

It is rumoured to be fronted by Prince Charles and to consist mainly of retired gentlemen of a similar lugubrious disposition, strategically placed throughout the Realm from Dover Harbour to Dalgety Bay, who probably have too much time on their hands.

Well, it appears that this Opus Dei of the literati world, having exhausted the English classics has turned its attention to our humble blog and we have been found wanting!

What, you may ask, have we done to incur the wrath of such a distinguished readership? Have we been caught cheating at our Sudoku puzzles or perhaps overtaking on a blind bend in our canal boat or did someone spot us scrumping oranges in Crete?

All of these, we would of course deny, even if guilty, pleading the Fifth Amendment (assuming we were American of course, which we are not!). None of these heinous crimes however, fit the bill. Our single error, it would appear, is to have fallen into the trap posed by a misrelated subordinate clause! For that, we must pay the ultimate penalty – closure.

So all you would-be bloggers out there, beware. Your Big Brother really might be watching you!

Seriously, this will be our last blog. We leave for home on Tuesday and all being well, will arrive home in Kirkcudbright on March 1st. Thanks for reading the blog and for all your comments. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed the experiences which led to it being written. We’ll be back, though – so watch this space!

Today was a beautiful Cretan spring day and we went walking in the mountains in the sunshine with Hans & Hanneke and afterwards to Malles for our usual late Sunday lunch.

A truly brilliant day to end our trip!

And one final word on the Greek Crisis. An interesting perspective can be found in the attached article:

John & Sheila


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  1. Mairi Marlborough permalink

    Safe journey John and Sheila – have really enjoyed your blogs but it will be nice to see you again – now is that true that BB watches over the blog or are you on a leg pull?

    • Hi Mairi,

      Thanks for your good wishes and for all your comments.

      To answer your question – that is for me to know and for you to work out! There are clues, if you look for them.

      See you soon,


  2. Annie & Gideon permalink

    Have a good and safe journey back to Scotland. Your adventure in Crete seems to have gone very fast, did it seem like that to you? See you here later in the year……
    Love, Annie and Gid

  3. Gillie permalink

    Thanks for your very entertaining and educational blog. I do hope you find your misplaced subordinate clause before you leave! Have a safe journey.

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