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February 10, 2012

Summer arrived in Crete this week – well maybe it’s a false dawn but at least the sun has been shining and it’s a lot warmer. This (hopefully) is good news for Sheila’s brother and sister-in-law, who arrive for a few days’ stay early next week!

We’ve been beavering on with the Greek, despite not having had a lesson for a week or too but it’s hard to concentrate when the sun is shining.

All this sun has made us think about returning in the summer, so today we decided to do some beachcombing – not the ususal sort, we’ve done enough of that but rather try to find some lovely beaches where we might wish to return to in June!

The nearest great beach to us is of course at Ferma where we stay and Agia Fotia is just down the road. You’ve seen pictures of these in earlier posts. Yesterday, we went westwards beyond Ierapatra and made our way along the coast. The first place we came to was a very wee village called Tertsa, which is not much more than two streets and a few tavernas:

with a beautiful beach …..

and lots more beyond the rocks (above) …..

 and of course, I felt duty bound to try out the sunbathing!

But it wasn’t long before we had to be on the move again …..

The next stop was Sidonia, which was somewhat larger than Tertsa and very much alive as a local centre. Sheila was amused to note that the bus shelter seems to double up as the local drop in centre for the elderly!

It too had a great beach…..

and some pretty streets.

Our final stop was at Arvi. This is really a small town with a new harbour constructed largely with cash from the EU (the second of such that we have seen on this trip).

It also has other attractive beaches.

Then, after a hard morning sightseeing, it was time to get back to Kato Spiti and the sun lounger and a well-earned beer:

It’s a hard life. Cheers!




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One Comment
  1. Gillie Hagger permalink

    How wonderful…. am very envious. Are you really thinking of returning in June? You both look so relaxed and well…. it’s a lesson to all of us :). It’s still below zero here in Milan, and the snow has hardened to ice on the ground. It’s supposed to be warmer this week…. let’s hope so! I’m fed up wearing my paramo winter trousers to work!

    Cheers to you both. Gillie x

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