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Guest Blog part 2

January 10, 2012

Our visit to Crete has been greatly enhanced by Christopher Thorne’s book ‘Between the Seas – A quiet walk through Crete’ in which he recounts a remarkable journey he undertook on foot travelling across the island taking in all the highest peaks – over 400 miles in 14 days. We have not done anything as extraordinary but have had a wonderful time visiting Minoan sites and exploring the wild and blustery countryside.  The range of flora and fauna is remarkable – see below for a small selection:

There doesn’t seem to be a growing season with lemons, pomegranates and oranges in abundance in January:

We have had a wonderful time staying with John and Sheila – the blog can only begin to describe the fun, interest and stimulation that they are having spending the winter in Crete.  We think they have taken on some of the characteristics of Cretans – in terms of their warm welcome to travellers and fantastic hospitality. 

But perhaps it is just as well they are planning on coming back to Scotland as there is some evidence to suggest that too long a stay in this idyll could have harmful effects as shown in this photo of a couple which hangs on the kitchen wall of the cottage….


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