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Guest blog – the unadulterated truth…part 1

January 9, 2012


We, Nick Finnis and Jude Nixon, are guests (erstwhile friends!) of John and Sheila and have agreed to be ‘guest bloggers’ in order to provide you with an impartial and accurate account of thier life in their Cretian paradise.  The following blog is largely a pictorial account of our time in Crete. It is divided into two parts as memory is short for the number of pictures that we wanted to include.

 They took us to some wonderful sites and awe inspiring landscapes:


Including an extraordinary Minoan town around 3,000 years old:

John and Sheila seem to spend a lot of time reflecting and cogitating in this Cretian Idyll:

John in contemplative mood gazing out at the sea while Sheila is studiously learning Greek:


Before we arrived John and Sheila’s blog showed sunshine and warmth but since we have been in Crete the weather has taken a turn for the worse (we were never that convinced about the reports of shorts and tea shirts) and the reality has been wild storms and lashings of rain:

Despite the rain we have been determined to savour the delights of the sea and yesterday went to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Drawing inspiration from the courageous Minoan women Sheila and Jude went swimming . If you look very carefully in the picture below you might be able to make out two dots in the sea which are our heads:

The Cretians are reknown for their hospitality and warm welcome and that is exactly what we have received from John and Sheila who have been the perfect hosts providing wonderful food and copious wine:

Part 2 of this pictorial blog to follow………do follow us as the final picture is stunning!!

























































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