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Sea, Spring Flowers and Sunsets

January 4, 2012


We’re both rather sad today having just returned from the Airport where we dropped off Rosie who has been with us for the last three weeks. On Saturday, she leaves for Australia where she will be studying for a Diploma in Remedial Massage. We probably will not see her again until this time next year and will miss her! Here she is demonstrating the delights of a Brazilian cocktail – Caipirinha – which was her Christmas present to me.

At the weekend, Sheila and I walked a number of local beaches, dodging the showers and collecting kindling for the fire, which we now light most evenings because after the sun goes down, it gets quite chilly. The fire is really is the only form of heating in the cottage and we have got through most of the wood which Sophocles brought before Christmas. So, it looks as though a further delivery is called for.

We have also been exploring the local village of Agios Ioanis, which sits on a hillside about two miles behind Ferma and which is now largely abandoned , although we understand that some Italians have been renovating some of the old houses. There are plenty of ‘projects’ available if anyone has the energy!

On New Year’s Day, I made the traditional steak pie. Some of the ingredients might not have been quite what we would have had at home but as you can see, it looked the part and even though I say it myself, it tasted pretty good too!

The weather here has improved dramatically this week and we are now back to beautiful warm sunshine. Combined with all the rain last week, quite a change has occurred in the garden. Where there was previously just bare earth, we now have greenery, including some beautiful spring flowers and all around the hillsides have changed from grey/brown to green.

The change in the weather has meant that Sheila is back in the sea although no one else has been brave enough to join her! She is gradually building up the number of lengths of the beach which she swims but it is doubtful if she will be a serious contender for a place in the Britsh Olympic Swimming Team later this year, although if medals were awarded for hardy Scot of the Year, she might stand a good chance!

All this sunshine means that we are back to having wonderful sunsets. Last night, the three of us were all out snapping away but Sheila scooped the Lord Lichfield prize!

Now we look forward to the arrival of our next guests, Nick & Jude, who will be crossing from Piraeus by ferry on Friday.



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  1. That sunset is totally amazing…… a framed copy is called for me thinks. And as for that pie John I am also truly impressed ! I also think you could develop a wee travel ” novel/ short story ” of your time in Crete. Although THAT previous picture would have to be censored. That guy is well out of order. Love to you both

    Linda xxxx .

  2. Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed catching up with your blog. I’ve read through all your posts in one sitting! They were very readable. A credit to the writing skills of both of you. Loved the photos too, especially the ones showing food!

    Sounds like you’re having a great experience. All the best, Mark

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