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December 27, 2011

Just back from dropping Graham off at the Airport – so Christmas in Crete is officially over.

In truth, the celebrations by the locals were somewhat muted by UK standards, which, some might say, is no bad thing! At Kato Spili (The Lower House), we had a fine time with the four of us being together for Christmas for the first time in seven years.

The turkey was tasty, if a tad over-cooked (my fault) and the Christmas Pudding excellent, although the absence of brandy butter meant we had to make do with some dodgy local cream. We entertained ourselves with games of Chinese whist and Scrabble and episodes of Old Morecambe & Wise Christmas specials and Black Adder.

Being together as a family again for the festive season after so long, meant also that recollections of past Christmas’s at Sunnyside featured frequently in the conversation and generated more than a few laughs with everyone at some time or another being the butt of attention! However, as these won’t mean much to anyone else, I’ll spare you all the details!

However, as the children grow up and start to shape their own lives, it is occasions such as these that one begins to treasure. So the Cretan trip, which  has already been such a positive experience for us, has delivered an unexpected bonus and in so doing, has added to the list of happy times spent together as a family at Christmas.



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  1. Annie & Gideon permalink

    Hi there, sounds like a great Christmas! What about the New Year, any bottles of Glenfarclas to be had in the village? xxxx

  2. Liz Turner permalink

    John, you’re becoming philosophical in your old age! thankyou for the update; I’ve had John over Christmas and now David, Alyona and Emily are here, Emily has learned how to come upstairs while she’s here so we’re kept busy, I’m reminded of Rosie years ago!
    Love to all, Liz et al.

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