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Merry Christmas from Crete

December 24, 2011

We wish all friends and family a very merry Christmas and hope that wherever you are, you will have a great time.

John, Sheila, Graham & Rosie


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  1. Margaret! permalink

    And a Very Merry Christmas to you all too. 10 minutes to go here but I’m off to bed. House and van full, but all quiet for the moment.

  2. Liz Turner permalink

    Dear Family,
    I’ve read your blog with interest but I’m not too sure about the goat stew! I enjoyed the pictures and I’m glad you’re enjoying life in Crete. Is Bonnie surviving without you? Carol has done a picture of Livi (Angela and Dave’s dog) and it’s an excellent likeness just as the one I got her to do for you. Bridget rang today from Italy .
    Do keep in touch and I’ll reply (hopefully!)
    Love from Liz.

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