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Greek tragedy, Sophocles and the wood pile

December 14, 2011

According to Wikipedia, Sophocles was one of the three most influential Greek tragedians whose work has survived. I was reminded of his work in the context of Jean Anouilh’s ‘Antigone’ which was based on Sophocles’ play of the same name.  I attended an amateur performance of Anouilh’s version in my first term at Keele in 1963 but remember nothing about the play for it was the night when John Kennedy was shot.

I was reminded of the occasion when yesterday we went to Fufu’s Supermarket to enquire about firewood. The cottage has an open fire which to be honest is a bit of a mixed blessing. It does sometimes get a tad chilly in the evenings so a fire makes the place rather cosy but the chimney does not draw well, so unless the fan is on all the time (rather noisy), the sitting room does tend to get a bit smokey.

I digress but as you will gather we need wood, if we are to have a fire and as Fufu seems to have the answer to all our problems, we enquired whether anyone in Ferma could supply firewood. “Yes of course”, bellows Fufu (for she seems to think if she speaks very loudly, we will understand her English), “the man who supplies firewood lives opposite”. So off we go to meet him.

Now I am used to suppliers of firewood who are called Bill or Willie. It therefore came as some surprise to be introduced to Sophocles who unlike his more famous namesake, looked to me much more like a number of farmer friends from the North East of Scotland.

But true to his word, Sophocles turned up in his truck at 4.00pm this afternoon, delivered “half a car” load to our door and even helped us stack it. I won’t mention how much it cost just in case our local supplier should read this and get ideas that he is not charging us enough for our usual half a trailer load. We consoled ourselves with the thought that we were doing our bit for the local economy! 

As you can see we now have a good supply of firewood for the Xmas period and I am glad to say that there was no bloodletting, no double dealing and Sophocles went on his way blissfully unaware that for me at least, he had a link to the death of JFK. I did think about trying to explain it to him but good sense prevailed! And then we had a wonderful sunset…..



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  1. Bridget permalink

    Pretty scrappy looking firewood! You could have collected that on the beach! Perhaps there’s a bird’s nest in the chimney that’s why it won’t draw? We’re in Italy now-rather wet and damp but Ezio declares it will be winter tomorrow with snow and minus 10 temps. So maybe a white Christmas. All well -Heidi has recovered from the kick in the head by a horse,Ezio busy supplying wine to Herb from the winery,Jonathan settling into High school and progressing well with his fencing skills and Helena loving her horse riding lessons and looking forward to being Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. We look forward to their band concerts over the Christmas season.
    Thanks for the Greek lesson love, B

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