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Wintering in Crete (part 2)

December 8, 2011

Long may this weather continue!

Our first full day in Ferma has been brilliant. The sun has shone all day and this afternoon we have been sunbathing on the terrace overlooking the sea!

But before getting carried away, may we thank everyone who fed and housed us during the nomadic days of November. We had some great times and it was good to spend time with old friends and meet new ones too.

Our journey south started a week ago last Sunday from Mar Lodge on Deeside where we had joined Mary and friends to celebrate her 60th birthday. We arrived there in snow so it was good to get away before winter arrived in Scotland with a vengeance!

Overnight stops on the trip to Dover were made with Tim and Liz in Craster and Richard and Jill in Horsham. Many thanks to them . We left the UK a day earlier than planned to avoid the public service day of action, not because we disapproved (on the contrary) but because we had hotels booked down through France and could not risk being delayed at Dover. If it is any consolation to anyone, it cost us a proverbial arm and a leg to change the ferry booking! We just hope that Jeremy Clarkson and the lily-livered executives at the BBC will have no one willing to wipe their bums when it comes to their turn and to those Lib Dems and so called Labour ‘leaders’ , we would say, just remember the words of the Billy Bragg song from the days of the Miners’ strike – “Whose side are you on, Boy? Whose side are you on?” Rant over!

An additional half day in France meant that we had time to visit the Dunkirk beaches and Passchendaele – the latter a particularly sobering experience. Overnight stops were then made at Reims (where we visited the cathedral) and Orange (where we saw the Roman theatre – at least from the outside).

We then spent last weekend with Gillie and Alan in Milan (thank heaven for the satnav). They provided a tour of the city centre including a visit to the Duomo, an opportunity to recharge our batteries and excellent hospitality – meaning quite a quantity of good food and wine!

An early (and foggy) start on Monday saw us in Ancona by late morning to catch the overnight ferry to Patras. Then it was a three hour mad drive to Piraeus, ably undertaken by Sheila,with some help from the satnav, in order to get the ferry to Heraklion in Crete for another overnight crossing..

So,  here we are and settling in. We’ll keep you posted.



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  1. Pat permalink

    You lucky things! Hope you have a fabulous time. Will keep in touch. Just realised I sent your Christmas card to your home address as was engaged in Christmas Card frenzy. Check out the Queens Road blog at to see what is happening in Wivenhoe.

    Lots of love – Pat x

  2. Liz permalink

    Angela has just shown me how to get inyo your blog so you see I’ve learned something! Bob and I had a fabulous time in N.Z. and Rich and Julie’s wedding was great. I’m glad you’re there and we can now keep in touch. Love Liz.

  3. Mairi Marlborough permalink

    You are very brave driving through Europe – glad you have arrived safely!

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